Thursday, December 22, 2011

A year later...

It was a year ago today that we departed on what I am sure will prove to be a rare moment in life-our around the world trip.  The honeymoon of all honeymoons, as we were told.  It's almost unfathomable how much hasn't changed in our lives post-return to the States.  We are still homeless, still in an attic, still wearing the same five or six outfits, and still paying for storage 2000 miles away. You want to know the oddest part?  It hasn't really phased us.  Being a minimalist apparently comes naturally to me.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I miss my shoes.  A lot.  And my clothes.  I'd be lying if I said a manicure didn't conjure up the warm cozy feelings of the old Mamta.  My point is, however, that I don't mind life as it is given to me, granted the major things remain constant.  Gainful employment.  Family.  And food. 

The most major thing to happen this past year since returning from a trip that changed us both (in enlightening, appreciative ways) is we bought our first home together.  It's a great little place with wonderful potential.  I call it "Small but Mighty".  It seems that with every second look there appears a third thing to do.  But, it's exciting. 

This year has been about learning about myself and my husband.  And how the two of us complement each other.  It's been about finding our balance again.  And adjusting to so many of life's changes, welcomed or not.  It's been a year of excitement and frustration.  Of highs and lows.  Of promise and luck.  Family and new additions.  But, mostly, of patience, compromise, and learning to let go.