Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to turn your cell phone into a landline...

Why would anyone want to do that, right?  I am sure that is what you are thinking.  Picture this.  You're sitting at the computer looking for a spare battery.  Online of course because who would go to the Sprint store and pay double price when somebody in Korea is willing to send it across the world at half-price with free shipping.  So, you're at the computer.,,, and on, and on, and on.  Pick one, you think!  They're all the same.  Just pick one and buy it already.  So you do.  This company will give you ten percent off if you spend five more dollars.  So, excitedly, you select a spare battery charger because that would be a perfect way to keep using your remaining battery juice while charging your brand new one.  You revel in the efficiency you just created as you compare the battery to your old one and make sure it is the right one.  Perfect.  In one week, you'll have a new battery and won't be at the mercy of your phone charger and its sister outlet. 

One week commences and ends and you're so excited to check the mail.  Bills, lame ads, more bills, a book, and finally your battery.  Whoo hoo!  The excitement is enough to disregard the book and jump all over the battery. You run in the house, plug in your new battery charger, and slap that battery in.  It's time for dinner, a little 24, some DVR'd Modern Family...Then, it's time to try out the new battery!!!  Hmmm...the phone won't turn on.  I put in the NEW battery.  And the charger showed green so it must be charged.  The battery looks the same, smells the same, feels the same...Why won't it turn on?  Maybe I'm doing it wrong.  I'll charge it some more and keep using my old battery. Yeah, that's it.  That will fix it.

A little laundry...some dishes...and time to play with your new battery!  In it goes.  The phone STILL won't turn on.  Weird.  What could it be? 

What if I leave the phone plugged into the outlet charger and try the new battery?  It makes no sense but who knows, right?  What?  It turned on!  Why?  Why would it turn on?  Wait...are you telling me that this is a not a chargeable battery?  Do they even make batteries that won't charge?  What's the point--then your CELL PHONE is JUST like a LANDLINE!!!

"You" is a real person.  This is not a fictitious story and is based completely on the facts contained herein.  "You" blames Korea for making such batteries and wishes to let Korea know that such batteries defeat the sheer purpose of a cell phone.  "You" hopes that YOU do not make the same mistake.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm Feeling Motivated...

But I am not sure why or for what.  It's the new year, but I am not one to make resolutions (I like to actually achieve my goals...).  This could be the first time that I really (really) want to write a blog but have no topic in mind for it. 

I have one!  It's been about 15 minutes between the first paragraph and this one.  And I have it-a topic.  I talked to my sister, D, recently, and as my followers know, she is a brand new mom to a beautiful baby boy, Clint.  (Wow...I just used a lot of commas in that sentence...)  I found it intriguing when she told me that she finally got around to reading my blog (you know- entertainment when the baby wants to eat at some insane hour in the morning) and learned things about me that she didn't know.  And my family is VERY close despite the miles that separate us.  So, here's my next blog. 

Things I bet most of you don't know about me.

1.  I actually now enjoy my US Weekly.  There. I said it.  It grew on me, thank you very much to D and P.
2.  Sometimes I leave my bed un-made in the morning.  It just started, and it has GOT to end. 
3.  I really don't like everyone I meet.  But it is true, I used to when I was little.  I was an awful judge of character.  I have gotten more worldly, but I still have a difficult time being negative.
4.  I really didn't know Srin or where he worked when I claimed the spot outside the Ortho wing as my 'office'. 
5.  Sometimes I leave dishes in the sink when I go to sleep.  But, it gives me anxiety.
6.  I don't mind loading the dishwasher, but I hate unloading it.
7.  I love going to the dentist and often wish they took more time to clean my teeth.
8.  I really do hold grudges.  But I try not to and feel guilty for holding them.
9.  I can get ready and be out the door in literally 5 minutes.
10.  I used to sleep until noon, 1, 2, even 3 in the afternoon when I was a teenager.  Quite the opposite of my 5:30AM-working-out-adult-self.
11. I never finished Mutiny on the Bounty, and I used Cliff Notes for one book in high school (no idea which book it was any more). I feel guilt to this day for the Cliff Notes and have never in my life told anyone that before. Ever. For a reader, it's like admitting a drug addiction.
12.  I won the spelling bee in the 4th grade on the word "bikini" against my childhood best friend Tasha Andrade.  She spelled it "bikiny" but corrected herself immediately.  I felt awful.
13.  I mix black and brown all of the time.  That faux-pas is SO out.
14.  I want Stacy's wardrobe.
15.  I seriously fear being infertile.  Really.  Honest to goodness.  Even though every woman in my family is way more than fertile.
16.  I have always said I wanted four kids-two boys and two girls.  So everyone has a brother and everyone has as sister. 
17.  I really don't get nervous before making public speeches.  Sometimes I feel a bit nervous but it goes away the moment I am on stage.
18.  I truly didn't care what size rock Srin put on my hand or if there was even a rock.  I would have said yes anyway.  I know--I am a crazy girl.  But, it is true--I love him. 
19.  I used to wear XXL T-shirts in junior high.
20.  I lost 43 pounds and have only regained 5-6 of them back over the last 9 years.  I'll lose those 5-6 pounds because when an overweight person finally reaches the three-digit limit he/she mentally keeps, the motivation to stay skinny is beyond great.  I will never ever let myself lose control of my weight again.
21.  Contrary to what you are probably thinking, I am not obsessed with my weight.  I am, however, obsessed with working out.  Hence why I maintain my weight so easily.  I rarely weigh myself.
22.  I cannot ride a bike or swim. 
23.  I was the first person on both sides of my family to be born in the US. 
24.  I would drink the fat for P.
25.  I seriously considered going to medical school during my first year in grad school. 
26.  I really plan for my parents to live with me (or any of us) when they retire. You couldn't hold a gun to my head and make me put them in a 'home'.
0.2  Sometimes when I get a cold, I will pretend I don't have one.  Though, I do wonder where I get the energy to fight off some virus AND work out. 

So there you have it.  26.2 things you may not have known about me.  So go on, what do I not know about you?