Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don't pretend you haven't wondered...

What does NASA do for me?  After all, Mamta blogs all day and gets ME...the taxpayer.  (If you are my boss reading this, first off, why are you reading my blog?  And second, of course, I ONLY blog off the clock...)

You've heard it before and without doubt have asked that one friend who has a friend who knows someone who works for NASA:  "I always hear that NASA gives us technology, but what?".

Fair enough.  I am the first to say it-NASA does a poor job of communicating the advances to the general public.  And, you should be the first to know.  Thank-you-very-much, taxpayers. 

*The opinions expressed in this blog are those of the author of Beyond the Curls ONLY.  This blog is in NO way associated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).*

*These pictures have nothing to do with the article to which I linked above.  Just seemed like the right post in which to include some rather cool pics...NASA-related, of course*

Friday, June 24, 2011


There's one thing about Srin everyone should know.  He had an affair.  In fact, multiple affairs.  Her name is Mexican Food.  First name-Mexican.  Last name-Food.  Mexican Food.  Ain't she a beauty?

Make your own Taco Salad here!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Fresh salsa, guacamole, and enchiladas.  Yummo. (Recipes linked if you like what you see...)

Stick and Puck...

Ah hockey.  I once was the girl who judged all hockey players because they seem so brash.  So unrefined.  I mean who just beats down on each other?  Grown men at that.  To some, it's shamefully amusing.  To others (myself), it's utterly revolting. 

So of course as my fate would have it, I have now become a hockey wife.  I mean...don't get me wrong.  The grace of my appearance is few and far between, but I don't find myself imploring for it to end.  Well, I do...but that's for the unabashing cold, breath-visualizing temperature.  Indoors.  I mean, seriously?  I'm sure there is a way to provide heaters for the Clams' most fervent fans.

For the record, Luke didn't seem to think it was as algid as I did...

GO DAD! this the thing where I can see myself immediately afterwards?  I'm so glad I was born in the 2000s...

Bryan's wife, Jenny, and adorable son, Luke

Mark's son, Collin, and his friend

My personal favorite as the boys beseeched the other team...

Alas, in my years of knowing, dating, and eventually taking the plunge with Dr. Nagaraja, I have grown to enjoy the sport.  It's fast paced and exciting.  I've learned NHL players are actually classy, attesting my previous notion.  So, what I am trying to say is I'll pretend to be Carrie any day.  Just for you, Srin.  Now if you could just do something about that temp...

*All pictures taken through icky-finger-lick-and-touch-little-boy-snot-nose-stained plexi-glass.  It's a wonder my f1.8 lens managed to get some blog-worthy pictures.*
*That first picture is a shout-out to #17 (the number we Patels wear in lacrosse)*

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The comfort of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves...

I was reading Smitten Kitchen today, and for some reason, I got upset.  Not with her of course.  She's my go-to girl for recipes.  Trustworthy. Reliable. And always delicious.  No...I can't really explain why I got upset.  I wasn't crying or raging.  Neither sadness nor anger.  It's just that there are all of these things that I want to pursue.  All of these hobbies and interests.  And sometimes I just feel overwhelmed at the thought that I never see anything through.  For instance, remember when I blogged that I wanted to write a book?  Well...suffice it to say... Sigh.

I watched Julie and Julia on the way back from France in 2009, and after a week of fresh cheese and delectable fruit, I was inspired.  Both to cook and to blog. Sure, I cooked and blogged thereafter... Oh consistently, you ask?  Well...I didn't really lay down any ground rules, did I?

Recently, I discovered one of my favorite blogs, The Sartorialist, and I envisioned myself creating a similar theme but in the District.  A bit copy-cat-ish-I know.  Let's call it "inspired".  Have you seen even one shot of someone fashionable?  And I am privy to Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle...Gosh, Georgetown for goodness sake.  If you want quirky, I can find it. If you want high society, I live in it. pictures.

Gosh, pictures.  Ever heard of Simplicity?  No?  Not surprising.  Yet another venture...plummeting towards its own demise.

I digress... What? Stream-of-concsiousness drives you crazy?  I'm sorry...why do you read my blog again?  Back to Smitten I am reading her blog, and I realize I am so jealous.  Oh that's it.  Jealousy.  Envy.  I love what she has created.  And I wonder-why can't I pick one hobby (or two as she and cooking) and just go with it.  Run like the wind, as they say. Which I always found funny since wind doesn't really run.  Digression, again. 

So I don't mean to complain.  God, help me.  I have told myself numerous times that I am not allowed to complain. I am healthy, happy, gainfully employed, and in love.  I cannot complain.  There.  I said it.  So, let's just call this "expressing myself".  Not complaining.  Expressing. 

For now, I will take my myriad of interests and reap the benefits.  Homemade fancy pasta, garlic-ky french green beans, and spicy oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies.  And my Nikon D40.  Life's good.