Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stick and Puck...

Ah hockey.  I once was the girl who judged all hockey players because they seem so brash.  So unrefined.  I mean who just beats down on each other?  Grown men at that.  To some, it's shamefully amusing.  To others (myself), it's utterly revolting. 

So of course as my fate would have it, I have now become a hockey wife.  I mean...don't get me wrong.  The grace of my appearance is few and far between, but I don't find myself imploring for it to end.  Well, I do...but that's for the unabashing cold, breath-visualizing temperature.  Indoors.  I mean, seriously?  I'm sure there is a way to provide heaters for the Clams' most fervent fans.

For the record, Luke didn't seem to think it was as algid as I did...

GO DAD! this the thing where I can see myself immediately afterwards?  I'm so glad I was born in the 2000s...

Bryan's wife, Jenny, and adorable son, Luke

Mark's son, Collin, and his friend

My personal favorite as the boys beseeched the other team...

Alas, in my years of knowing, dating, and eventually taking the plunge with Dr. Nagaraja, I have grown to enjoy the sport.  It's fast paced and exciting.  I've learned NHL players are actually classy, attesting my previous notion.  So, what I am trying to say is I'll pretend to be Carrie any day.  Just for you, Srin.  Now if you could just do something about that temp...

*All pictures taken through icky-finger-lick-and-touch-little-boy-snot-nose-stained plexi-glass.  It's a wonder my f1.8 lens managed to get some blog-worthy pictures.*
*That first picture is a shout-out to #17 (the number we Patels wear in lacrosse)*


  1. #17 is awesome!!! Who is that guy? I think he is NHL bound!

  2. Beyond the Curls likes to call him a stud:)