Sunday, October 27, 2013


Well, I am 30 weeks pregnant now!  I'm not sure why, but the number 30 must hold some subconscious meaning for me.  I always said that when my baby brother turned 30, then I would feel like we were all adults.  All old, really.  When I turned 30, it wasn't a big deal, but I definitely felt something that made me even write a post about it.  And now, I have been waiting for this day when I could say I was 30 weeks pregnant.  It feels more real.  The baby moves so much, and I am getting used to feeling it whenever I want.  That moment of comfort, knowing he or she is safe and warm and content.  It is so much better than the early weeks when anxiety, doubt, and fear dominate the pregnancy.  Now I battle the desire for the baby to stay inside me as long as needed but to come out so I can finally meet him or her!  It's okay-we struck a deal.  The baby is not allowed out for another 6.5 weeks when he or she is full term!  I felt a kick and took that as a handshake.

Srin took a few quick iSnaps of my 30 week belly among the leaves and trees.  The red.  Orange. And yellow. It feels like Fall here in the nation's capital.  It's crisp and clear, with sunny skies but chilly temperatures.  Pumpkins line the neighborhood with the occasional scarecrow, spider web, and ghost in the tree.  Friends' are posting pictures of their kids in costumes, and the eerie excitement of Halloween is most definitely in the air.  

I feel mostly ready for this baby to greet the world.  With our baby shower last weekend, everything I absolutely need is in order with only a few to-do items left.  I guess they call this nesting.  Whatever it is, I like it.  It's so cute to see the itty bitty newborn diapers.  And tiny socks.  Don't get me started on the cloth diapers.  I just got my first batch yesterday from Nicki's Diapers and Cottonbabies.  I'll be trying out Nicki's one size pockets and BumGenius's Freetime all in ones first.  It's funny how overwhelmed I was even thinking of cloth diapering and now look at me.  Talkin' all pockets and such.  That's growth I tell you.

The baby shower was a blast with my family making the hike over East to celebrate the impending arrival of Baby Nagaraja.  Friends and family.  Everyone knows that's all I really need in life.