about me

Howdy! My name is Mamta, and this is my blog. I started it one night completely out of the blue, bearing in mind that I am not always up with the latest technology. And I am SO anti-bandwagon-mainstream-i-ness.

If you read the blog, you will notice that I love to start sentences with and & but. I love fragments. And the infamous ellipses. I think it has purpose...it's kind of the like the saying "I'm jus' sayin' ". No one really knows what it means but when you use it, people just get it.

I am a grammatical Nazi, yet, as I already said, I like to abuse the language. Not because I don't know what's grammatically correct but because it seems more poetic that way. I also like to use atrociously trite phrases like "out of the blue" and "I'm jus' sayin' ". And, no, I do not think they are poetic. This is my admitted flaw.

I have no real theme to the blog. It's pretty random...mostly because I have way too many interests. I love to cook, eat, travel, hang with my family, read, write, photograph, sing, listen to music, and so much more. You are more likely to find me curled up in a blanket, sweatshirt, lazy pants, and a book than watching TV.

I'm extroverted. Or so it seems. I often think I am introverted, but no one who knows me would agree. I'm super friendly but often find myself observing than being center of attention. I'm humble (although saying I am humble makes me feel conceited...whatever). I'm happy. Very happy. I have a big family, and I love it. I am married to a wonderful man named Srin.  And we just had our first baby.  A boy!    

Srin is from D-town. Therefore, I have learned about Michigan football, Red Wing hockey, Yzerman's retirement (I even watched it with him--that's love), the Tigers' woes, and the Lions' occasional wins much more than imaginable by a small-town-West-Texas girl.

I work for NASA. I love it. No, I am not an astronaut. Yes, I do get to meet them. I even teach them.

I am an Aggie. And despite our horrendous football decade, I still root for them and always will. WHOOP!

I was deeply saddened when Polaroid announced the end of...well the Polaroid. My first family picture was with a Polaroid camera.

I am sensitive but have thick skin when the joke is about me. I don't cry at movies or at books, but things often give me the goose-bumpies. I have a soft heart and truly care about people.

I've always wanted to be a mom more than anything in this world. And now I am!

I read chick-lit, and I have no problem saying it. It's better than chick-flicks.

I like to make up words all of the time and think using the hypen makes it okay. Like mainstream-i-ness. Just sounds and reads better than mainstreaminess. You know?

I like to take care of people. I like to be in control. If given a choice, I will always drive. I am attached to my parents like a shoe to gum. I would do anything for them at any cost. I want my kids to grow up with their grandparents. I grew up with mine. And I wish everyday I could go back for one more minute with them.

I have three nieces and one nephew.  I have three sisters and one brother. Pritty and I are abnormally close.   Daxaben and Pritty are abnormally the same person. 

I like to re-read everything I write. Many times. Too many times. It's quite obsessive actually.

That's enough getting-to-know-Mamta time. Thanks for following.