Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The conversation between the NASA Federal Credit Union guy and me:

Me: I'd like to open an account.
NASA: Sure.  Come on in.
Me:  Great.  Thank you.  I have one question.  I changed my name recently and have my new Social Security Card but my license is still in my maiden name.  I have been told this would be okay since the Social Security card is issued by the US Government.
NASA: Umm...I am not sure.  Let me check.

NASA:  Well, my supervisor said it has to be a picture ID or the original (not certified copy) marriage certificate.

My Brain:  Well, seeing as how that bad boy is somewhere in a storage unit in faraway Texas, that's not happening.   I drove out here and I don't want to come back just to change my name. 

Already annoyed.  Great.

Me: Okay, let's just do this since I am already here.
NASA:  Okay.  Great.  So do you know how you can qualify to open an account with us?
Me: Well...I work for NASA so I assume that qualifies me.
NASA:  Yes. It does. [Insert: Sincere but somewhat intimidated smile]

NASA:  All right.  Is it Headquarters, Goddard...
Me:  Actually, it's NASA in Houston.
NASA, after scrolling on his computer: Hmm...Hang on.  Let me ask someone a question.

NASA to Me, holding his hand over the phone mic:  There's a base in Houston? [Insert: Seriousness]
Me: Ummm... Yes. [Insert:  Utter confusion.  Umm...Helloooo "Houston, we have a problem."]
NASA to Supervisor:  Yeah, she says she works for a NASA in Houston? [Insert:  Questiony-doubt]
NASA to Me, holding his hand over the phone mic:  Is it called Houston Center?
Me: Ummm.... Johnson Space Center [Insert: Telepathic sarcasm that says "Mission. Control. Center."]
NASA to Supervisor:  Yeah, she says it's "NASA Johnson Space Center".  ... Okay.  ... Okay.  Thanks.

NASA:  I'm sorry. It's not listed here.  Let me just sign you up as an...
Me: I'm sorry.  It's not listed for NASA's Federal Credit Union?
NASA: Umm..Yeah..Well.  Umm...
Me: Okay.  Let's just do this. [Insert: Logical mini-Mamta on emotional-about-to-blow-up Mamta's shoulder saying "This isn't Verizon.  You can't just yell at them to get your way.  Remain calm."]

So I am now a member of the NASA Federal Credit Union as an associate.  Great.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Big Apple-versary...

A last minute trip to NYC to seal the deal.  1 year was celebrated in Manhattan with great food, a lot of walking, the Subway, Soho, Broadway, and The Village.  Oh how dare I fail to mention the extremely random Broadway lottery winning to see The Book of Mormons in $155 seats for only... drum roll... $32 big ones.  Approximately 250-300 people show up, put in their names in a big vat for half an hour, and wait for the lucky front row or box seat giveaways.  22 tickets.  Ultimately 11 names chosen.  We were number 10.  Thank-you-very-much Broadway-yes, we will be seeing you again soon.  Very soon.  Oh and for the record, The Book of Mormons now rivals Rent as my favorite show ever.  Ever.

The 9/11 memorial opened up last weekend (though not completely finished) and this is one of two pools that stand in the original footprints of the twin towers. 

 I love me some NYC pizza.

 Meet me at Central Perk, okay?

Friday, September 16, 2011


There were most definitely days in the past year that I didn't think Srin or I deserved to be in the category of the "fittest".  And I don't mean health-related.  Alas, though, as with most successful couples (our parents, our siblings, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson), the happy days were far more memorable and copious.  Thus, we made it.  Our first year.  Just one year ago today, the festivities celebrating the Indian union of two began.  And on Sunday, we will celebrate the anniversary of finally reuniting in one city, traipsing the entire world (-ish) together, commiserating home-buying of a short sale together, living in an attic (yes, that's real), and figuring out how to live with each other and still be in love. 

You know what I mean.  Like I don't love finding socks lying around.  But I love him.  I don't love toilet seats not being closed (you have seen the 20/20 special on how many germs all jump out of that bowl, right?).  But I do love him. 

In celebration, I finally made our wedding album.  Well, the first of two.  Below is my formal one with just the good pics.  To come?  My fun one!  With all the pictures I want: of friends and family and boring, repetitive poses if I wish.  Not that I wish. I actually prefer this book with all the artsy wonderful timeless pics.  But I do wish to capture the memories spanning further than artistry so I shall now begin on my fun wedding album.  YAY!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flying on this day...

Not as nerve-racking as imagined...

But delayed...

And randomly screened.

And saw relaxed security. I mean it doesn't take much to make fake airport badges... Shouldn't we check more closely...

One would think today would be that day...

Update: Incident. Stupid lady is trying to board out of zone and delaying us more with her insuboordinate ways. More juicy details later

Update 2: So this lady decided to not heed the Delta representatives when asked to go back and wait. She wanted to stand at the boarding jetway until it was time for her zone (the very last one, by the way) was called. She was told she couldn't stand there and needed to return to the waiting area so she literally says "Fine. Then I will board instead." At this point the other hundred of us are now rolling our eyes wondering if she knows what the date is. She is told that if she takes one more step she wouldn't be going.  We're talking outright yelling in the gate area.  She retreats, leaving me wondering why they didn't kick her out right then and there. If you had been there, you would totally agree.

More later. Taking off! Finally.  Been here for nearly four hours now...

Update 3: So enough about crazy lady. Now my lovely run-in with selfish people. I'm about to place my bag in one of the bins, which are all about full, when this guy obviously went to beat me to it. I was slightly caught off guard and was going to say something when the flight attendant decided to instead. He refused to move his bag and made it a point to tell her he refused to put it by his feet, implying his size to be the reason. I blame poor upbringing or pure rude personality. I mean I was  clearly not the only one who noticed. The sweet old lady next to me said 'Some people huh?' Coupled with the smirk and knowing agreement of the young girl on my other side, I actually felt avenged. I seem to get satisfaction from knowing I am the one who looks like the wronged wide-eyed doe. Call me Taylor Swift.

I arrived safely despite travelling on this day from our nation's capital.  See. You just gotta show em they can't scare you. God bless America.