Friday, September 16, 2011


There were most definitely days in the past year that I didn't think Srin or I deserved to be in the category of the "fittest".  And I don't mean health-related.  Alas, though, as with most successful couples (our parents, our siblings, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson), the happy days were far more memorable and copious.  Thus, we made it.  Our first year.  Just one year ago today, the festivities celebrating the Indian union of two began.  And on Sunday, we will celebrate the anniversary of finally reuniting in one city, traipsing the entire world (-ish) together, commiserating home-buying of a short sale together, living in an attic (yes, that's real), and figuring out how to live with each other and still be in love. 

You know what I mean.  Like I don't love finding socks lying around.  But I love him.  I don't love toilet seats not being closed (you have seen the 20/20 special on how many germs all jump out of that bowl, right?).  But I do love him. 

In celebration, I finally made our wedding album.  Well, the first of two.  Below is my formal one with just the good pics.  To come?  My fun one!  With all the pictures I want: of friends and family and boring, repetitive poses if I wish.  Not that I wish. I actually prefer this book with all the artsy wonderful timeless pics.  But I do wish to capture the memories spanning further than artistry so I shall now begin on my fun wedding album.  YAY!


  1. I saw your album posted at Adorama - it's lovely! You had a gorgeous wedding and you both look so happy. What a wonderful book! (You should have won the September contest.)

  2. Wow Anonymous! I wish I had checked on Oct 13 so I could have had 17 more days of feeling super awesome from that great comment:) Thanks for looking at the album. I love it even more in person!