Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Big Apple-versary...

A last minute trip to NYC to seal the deal.  1 year was celebrated in Manhattan with great food, a lot of walking, the Subway, Soho, Broadway, and The Village.  Oh how dare I fail to mention the extremely random Broadway lottery winning to see The Book of Mormons in $155 seats for only... drum roll... $32 big ones.  Approximately 250-300 people show up, put in their names in a big vat for half an hour, and wait for the lucky front row or box seat giveaways.  22 tickets.  Ultimately 11 names chosen.  We were number 10.  Thank-you-very-much Broadway-yes, we will be seeing you again soon.  Very soon.  Oh and for the record, The Book of Mormons now rivals Rent as my favorite show ever.  Ever.

The 9/11 memorial opened up last weekend (though not completely finished) and this is one of two pools that stand in the original footprints of the twin towers. 

 I love me some NYC pizza.

 Meet me at Central Perk, okay?

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