Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The conversation between the NASA Federal Credit Union guy and me:

Me: I'd like to open an account.
NASA: Sure.  Come on in.
Me:  Great.  Thank you.  I have one question.  I changed my name recently and have my new Social Security Card but my license is still in my maiden name.  I have been told this would be okay since the Social Security card is issued by the US Government.
NASA: Umm...I am not sure.  Let me check.

NASA:  Well, my supervisor said it has to be a picture ID or the original (not certified copy) marriage certificate.

My Brain:  Well, seeing as how that bad boy is somewhere in a storage unit in faraway Texas, that's not happening.   I drove out here and I don't want to come back just to change my name. 

Already annoyed.  Great.

Me: Okay, let's just do this since I am already here.
NASA:  Okay.  Great.  So do you know how you can qualify to open an account with us?
Me: Well...I work for NASA so I assume that qualifies me.
NASA:  Yes. It does. [Insert: Sincere but somewhat intimidated smile]

NASA:  All right.  Is it Headquarters, Goddard...
Me:  Actually, it's NASA in Houston.
NASA, after scrolling on his computer: Hmm...Hang on.  Let me ask someone a question.

NASA to Me, holding his hand over the phone mic:  There's a base in Houston? [Insert: Seriousness]
Me: Ummm... Yes. [Insert:  Utter confusion.  Umm...Helloooo "Houston, we have a problem."]
NASA to Supervisor:  Yeah, she says she works for a NASA in Houston? [Insert:  Questiony-doubt]
NASA to Me, holding his hand over the phone mic:  Is it called Houston Center?
Me: Ummm.... Johnson Space Center [Insert: Telepathic sarcasm that says "Mission. Control. Center."]
NASA to Supervisor:  Yeah, she says it's "NASA Johnson Space Center".  ... Okay.  ... Okay.  Thanks.

NASA:  I'm sorry. It's not listed here.  Let me just sign you up as an...
Me: I'm sorry.  It's not listed for NASA's Federal Credit Union?
NASA: Umm..Yeah..Well.  Umm...
Me: Okay.  Let's just do this. [Insert: Logical mini-Mamta on emotional-about-to-blow-up Mamta's shoulder saying "This isn't Verizon.  You can't just yell at them to get your way.  Remain calm."]

So I am now a member of the NASA Federal Credit Union as an associate.  Great.

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