Thursday, June 16, 2011

The comfort of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves...

I was reading Smitten Kitchen today, and for some reason, I got upset.  Not with her of course.  She's my go-to girl for recipes.  Trustworthy. Reliable. And always delicious.  No...I can't really explain why I got upset.  I wasn't crying or raging.  Neither sadness nor anger.  It's just that there are all of these things that I want to pursue.  All of these hobbies and interests.  And sometimes I just feel overwhelmed at the thought that I never see anything through.  For instance, remember when I blogged that I wanted to write a book?  Well...suffice it to say... Sigh.

I watched Julie and Julia on the way back from France in 2009, and after a week of fresh cheese and delectable fruit, I was inspired.  Both to cook and to blog. Sure, I cooked and blogged thereafter... Oh consistently, you ask?  Well...I didn't really lay down any ground rules, did I?

Recently, I discovered one of my favorite blogs, The Sartorialist, and I envisioned myself creating a similar theme but in the District.  A bit copy-cat-ish-I know.  Let's call it "inspired".  Have you seen even one shot of someone fashionable?  And I am privy to Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle...Gosh, Georgetown for goodness sake.  If you want quirky, I can find it. If you want high society, I live in it. pictures.

Gosh, pictures.  Ever heard of Simplicity?  No?  Not surprising.  Yet another venture...plummeting towards its own demise.

I digress... What? Stream-of-concsiousness drives you crazy?  I'm sorry...why do you read my blog again?  Back to Smitten I am reading her blog, and I realize I am so jealous.  Oh that's it.  Jealousy.  Envy.  I love what she has created.  And I wonder-why can't I pick one hobby (or two as she and cooking) and just go with it.  Run like the wind, as they say. Which I always found funny since wind doesn't really run.  Digression, again. 

So I don't mean to complain.  God, help me.  I have told myself numerous times that I am not allowed to complain. I am healthy, happy, gainfully employed, and in love.  I cannot complain.  There.  I said it.  So, let's just call this "expressing myself".  Not complaining.  Expressing. 

For now, I will take my myriad of interests and reap the benefits.  Homemade fancy pasta, garlic-ky french green beans, and spicy oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies.  And my Nikon D40.  Life's good.

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