Friday, December 31, 2010

A big toothy grin and a Bula!...

Our missing blog...Enjoy here about our first stop!

That's what you will get from every Fijian you meet. I thought Costa Ricans were happy, but Fijians take the cake (and the icing too). Today is Christmas in Fiji, and it is sunny, beautiful, tropical, and indeed merry.

To start things off, my hubs was in wonderment at the size of the 747 even though he has been on them before. It was pretty spectacular to have an upstairs section!

Alas, I tell you about our first thoughts as we entered our hotel. "God bless my brother" and here is why:

We happen to be spending our first part of the honeymoon with the tropical beauty of a resort and a fantastic view of the ocean. Yesterday, we went to the beach on a nearby island called Beachcomber. We snorkeled, fed the fish, and witnessed the summer afternoon rains.

Our plans for today include the pool above and hardly anything else!

Addendum: Here's more of what we did to end our stay. We had so much fun in Fiji, mostly because we truly had no plans and were on no time table. Everyone should visit an island-your entire perspective changes, even if only for that mere moment.

We met Karthi and Sudha in Fiji, and they were fabulous. They were visiting from Canada and treated us to dinner in celebration of our honeymoon.

On our way to scuba diving and snorkeling!

We saw a school of dolphins and this was my fav pic that Srin took.

On our way back and all we could say was how great life was...

Our last night...

My last memory of Fiji as we reveled in our lucky lives...

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