Friday, May 29, 2009

Ever Wonder Why Girls Want What They Don't Have...

I have curly hair. Hence, I bought one of those really expensive (and by the way, fabulous) ceramic straighteners. When I show up to work with straight hair, my fab cube-mates know that I actually put time into my appearance. BUT, my boyfriend loves my curly hair, against what he always thought he would like in a girl. And, while I am SUPER flattered that he prefers my minimum-do look, it amazes me that I WANT to put all that time into my hair and don't really NEED to, especially since the man in my life prefers that I don't. What is wrong with women today? Girls with straight hair use curlers, pull at their limp strands, and pretend they are back in the 80's, senselessly abusing the hair spray. Girls with curly hair spend insane amounts on straighteners, hair serum, "sleek" shampoo/conditioner, and (as I am personally convinced) shed a tear when the humidity in the air tops 50%.

Thus, my blog is born. I am sitting here about to go to bed, and for some reason, I decided to start this "blog" thing. I love to write; I always have. Yet, I am too scared to leave my ridiculously cool and secure job to become a writer; so here it goes. My very own "column". And hair is what I decide to write about. It's gotta be the late hour. Right? Considering that I watch Jeopardy, love Trivial Pursuit, read "meaningful" books, and obsess over the news, a blog inspired by my burning questions about women and wanting hair they don't have is a bit shocking.

Stay tuned for my next oh-so-very interesting topic.


  1. Welcome to blogging! My hair is neither straight nor curly... either way requires work! Unless I go with the oh-so-stylish pony tail that I have been rockin' for the past six months.

  2. MOCHILA!!!

    This is why girls are crazy. Well, one reason amongst an uncountably infinite conglomeration of reasons.

  3. seriously, hair? that's what you chose to talk about? if you're gonna choose silliness as a topic at least go for something juicy and interesting ie. jon and kate's relationship--divorce: will they or won't they? now that's a good topic to 'blog' about!