Friday, November 20, 2009

What is 30?

Well, my day has come. I turned 30. On Friday the 13th no less. Now, I am not really superstitious, but for real?!? Yet, I write today unharmed and feeling fabulous. Did I think I would be where I am today at 30? Not really. Do I wish my life were a bit different on occasion? Sometimes. Would I redo anything if I could? Nope. At least I hope I wouldn't.

Some people take the day of turning 30 and turn it into the momentous day it is expected to be, with a lavish party and the works. But, for those who know me, "the works" for me means hanging with family, eating fab food, and hearing from old friends who still remember why November 13th sticks in their mind. My family made me the most wonderful scrapbook accompanied with a gift to cover lawncare for the next year (YAY!). With it came a card that listed things that define 30. So, it inspired today's blog. What is 30?

30 is...
  • wondering if people will believe you're 25
  • wondering if people in their 20s will think you are too old to hang out with now
  • wondering if wondering that previous thought makes you sad AND old
  • believing that 30 IS the new 20
  • knowing your older siblings will probably return the favor of trauma you induced on them when they turned 30
  • assuming your younger siblings will induce the trauma knowing they will always be younger than you
  • seeing Halle Barry pull off "natural-looking" ripped Abercrombie jeans and wondering if you could pull it off too
  • wondering if Abercrombie is still the "it" store
  • mentally bear-hugging the stranger who asks "Did you just graduate?"
  • realizing there is a balance between staying hip, young, and modern and BEING 30
  • realizing 30 is HIP, YOUNG, and MODERN!
  • realizing turning 30 is just like 29 or 40, except 30 is SO much better than 40! Until YOU turn 40...
  • secretly wondering if you should minimize your snacking because of that whole "metabolism slowing down" thing
  • loving it when someone still calls you "kiddo"
  • feeling guilty for being 20% jealous/80% happy that all of your friends are having kids
  • wondering how you can still be daddy's little girl even after turning 30
  • thanking the good Lord that there is still a place where you can be a little girl
  • realizing that there is NO place like home
  • realizing that "waiting for THE ONE" does not require patience so much as belief
  • admitting that it does require patience too
  • being thankful that even if you don't make a big deal out of YOUR day, your friends and family always will, in their very own special ways

I'm elated to be 30 because I have an amazingly close knit family, full of relationships that seem to get stronger as distance grows and time passes. I have a jealousy-invoking job that I wake up quite excited for each day. I have a circle of friends I know would come to my aid no matter how small or large the issue. I get to travel to exotic places and see new and inviting cultures. 30's not so bad.

So, go on...add your own definition of 30.


  1. 30's are just like the 20's, except back pain, foot pain and light beer. Nice blog MJ.

  2. Nice bro! Srin's switched to wine I think:)