Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I guess it's time...

to finally be true to one of my million interests.  I buckled down and decided to get my act together on my photographer-ness.  It's a work in progress, but it is SO much fun.  I already have friends who are going to let me snap them, au natural of course.  Posed is out!  Natural is in!

If you know any couples, families, groups of friends, etc who would want their pictures taken (for free of course.  I am still learning, and it's fun for me!), send them my way.  Eventually, I plan to turn the photo-blog into a website.  For now, a blog it is.

Oh yeah...I have not named it yet because...well...a name hasn't come to me.  I was thinking of a word in Gujarati, Hindi, or Sanskrit that sounds "cool" for artistic, beauty, or something like that.  Any ideas?


  1. Go for it! But I'm still waiting on my promised, framed collage of black and white pics from our cali trip 2002. you realize that promise is 1 yr younger than our 8yr old neice.

  2. Duh! I already explained that I wasn't going to do that one any more because you and D made those frames at home. Plus, remember why I couldn't get all B&W images? We're lucky we even have six rolls of film from that trip! Thank you very much little sister:)