Thursday, November 4, 2010

My new iPAD toy...

I am typing this post from my new Kensington Keyfolio. The keyboard is likened to one on a net book (which I also recently got) in terms of size. Keys are silicon-based so are super-soft (no screen damage). The only key I am having trouble typing is the letter a. You can use your normal home-row key typing, but not everything follows the usual pattern on this keyboard since it is smaller than your standard keyboard. Example you ask? Only one shift button. Overall though, it totally beats having to post using one finger typing from the native iPAD keyboard. And, the bad boy was only $79.95 on Amazon at least as of last week. Normally it is $100-$150. Oh, and it was super easy to connect as I tried for about 10 seconds without reading anything and voila!-I was posting!

I wish there was a mousepad though. But you can still use your normal finger-mouse-ing. I believe I give it 4/5 stars so far. We'll see in a few days.

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