Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A big toothy grin and a Bula!...

That's what you get when you visit Fiji. Here is our missing blog, which I am having to rewrite since it disappeared on me just now. Someone doesn't want me to tell you how much we enjoyed the first stop on our honeymoon. I wish I could remember everything I wrote, but sadly I am not that savvy and am a bit upset about the post. So here is a revised and shortened version consisting of pictures and captions. Enjoy!

You would have thought Srin was seeing a 747 for the first time! He was so thrilled that he even requested upstairs seats on our way to Sydney despite the look of sheer confusion (or was it disdain?) from the gate agent. Apparently no one sits upstairs...

Upon our arrival in Fiji, all we could think was God bless Bhikhu. Look at this resort he hooked us up with! We were living it up in luxury.

This was our pool with a view of the vast ocean blue. It was so worry-free and relaxing! This is how we spent day 2 .

As soon as we arrived, we took a day trip to a nearby island called Beachcomber. We snorkeled, fed fish, and enjoyed the warmth.

I got bitten right as I was getting out of the water. I was sure no one would believe me until I noticed this reaction and had the proof of fresh blood at my wrist.

We met this cool Canadian-Sri Lankan couple while in Fiji. Karthi and Sudha.

On our way to Srin's first scuba dive!

I could not believe how great the water felt. We saw fish and beaten up coral. Srin saw turtles, eels, bandit snake, and Neemos.

We saw a school of dolphins and this was my favorite pic. It was real and spectacular.

On our last night...

My lasting image of Fiji...

Vinaka Fiji! It was a great trip.

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  1. i still don't believe you got bitten

  2. So what exactly bit you? Was it Srin?

  3. 1. What did bite you?
    2. I recognize that black dress!
    3. Why do they have windows on top if no one sits up there?

  4. PS. Might I suggest Train's "Soul Sister" be added to your music list?

  5. 1) I think it was Srin.
    2) Yup. Target!
    3) That's what I'm talkin' about

    I have proof, P!

  6. oh yeah. Soul Sister. I should add that...