Thursday, January 20, 2011

Briefly from Cambodia...

I have much to say about Cambodia but not enough time to do it at the moment. So, here's my preview. Cambodia was a drastic change from our Western travels up to this point. It was rewarding but heartbreaking. The people were poor but happy. All in all, it is a country worth traveling and an economy worth stimulating. The friendliness of her people were an obvious highlight.

Much of our trip was seeing the famous temples of the ancient city of Angkor. The namesake, Angkor Wat (Angkor means city and Wat means temple), is the most famous. Here is a picture of sunset at Pre Rup, a temple built in late 10th century, about 15 years prior to Angkor Wat.

Can you believe sunsets are this red in Cambodia?!? Courtesy of $5 sunglasses...

One of my favorite parts was taking two Khmer (traditional Cambodian cuisine) cooking classes.  The first one was WAY better than the second (and twice as expensive...but totally worth it).
Market fresh food with which to cook. Yummy mango salad.

Amok is a traditional Khmer cuisine, and the nyo leaves above make it an amok dish.

We also visited a local family, and this little girl was the youngest of 10 children.

This is her mom, and I really like this picture.

We finished our trip by visiting a local orphanage in hopes of improving their lives. More on this later.

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  1. Nice, looks like you and Srin will be doing all the cooking at our next potluck!