Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dear Egypt...

I heard about your rumblings and I just wanted to ask you "Why, Egypt, Why?". It is not everyday that I decide to visit you. And now amidst your anger I must find a way to retrieve the money I used to help stimulate your economy and use it towards visiting someone else. It's really your loss. I mean is Mubarak really thst bad? It's been thirty years. I know-I know...he's not the best. I get it. You deserve the best. But must it be now? Yes it is selfish of me but meeting you was a dream if mine. So i ask you once again "Why?".


P.S. Where should we go now?

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  1. Morocco! So sorry about Egypt!!

  2. i second d. or anywhere in europe. seriously ANYWHERE. how do you do a world trip and decide to go to cambodia but not europe? i know you've been to italy and spain but doesn't paris, france sound good right about now?

  3. Turkey. I mean it's not like I read any later posts or anything. hehehe.