Sunday, January 16, 2011

Food and Family...

It's always great when you have family around when you are in other countries. Our southeast Asia excursion began in Singapore, where the theme was food. Srin's cousin Mahesh and his wife Sona were the most gracious hosts-treating us to meals and drinks and meals and oh wait...more home cooked deliciousness. It was a precursor to India, if I do say so myself. Waking up to fresh masala dosas should say it all. They have two kiddos: Payal (age 9) and Akhil (age 4), and hanging out with them was a highlight of our trip.

Probably my favorite "epiphany" of sorts (I already knew this but a reminder is always nice) was when I saw the importance of family in Srin's life just from regular ol' interactions. One of his most attractive qualities to me was the regard in which he holds family, a tenet instilled in me naturally from my own parents. Anyone who knows me would tell you that I am unnaturally close to my family. It's a concept many "understand" but few fathom possible. I am often told that our relationships are enviable. And not one day goes by that I take it for granted. I did when I was young but not any more-I literally think about my family every day of my life. And that's part of what made me want to marry Srin-he holds family in utmost regard. And that includes family outside of family, if you know what I mean.
Akhil warmed up to us by mid-week and had fun with his boomerang we got him from Australia.

Payal and I bonded over Taylor Swift as she convinced her parents that she just NEEDED to go:)

The kiddos loved the "big I-touch"...Right Akhil?

One of my favorite parts of the trip was talking to Sona. She reminded me SO much of my eldest sister Hemben. I was so comfortable in her home.

We all went out to the Raffles hotel (the hotel behind Sona and me), named after the modern founder of Singapore.
After the Raffles, we ate at this late night hangout. Loved the name:)
Earlier that day, we went to the Treetop rainforest walk in McRitchie Park. This little guy let me get very close to him....only to find out they are "dangerous".

And we saw this lizard all over.

We walked on this very cool tree top bridge overlooking the dense rainforest.

We also spent a day visiting the city and this uber-new Double Helix bridge.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel was something was more of a theme park I swear!

We met up with a good friend from Georgia Tech.  Sathyan was the leader of Asha for Education when Srin and I joined. 

Of course I must brag that he is now a professor of Manufacturing Engineering at Nanyang Technical University. He lives onsite in their staff apartments so our last day was cool because we got to see a different, very local area of Singapore. And he was such a selfless host-thanks Sathyan for everything: dinners, lunches, our NTU keepsake, and best of all, your hospitality.

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  1. Holy cow that bridge and hotel are phenomenal! Some of the pictures in this post didn't work either... yes I know I am reading backwards what are you gonna do about it.