Thursday, February 10, 2011

Farewell Bengaluru...

It's been a good trip overall. Mostly centered around family, it was a time to get to know the cousins, aunties, and uncles. The Century and Cricket clubs gave for good times. And a nice lunch with Srin's mom's side at MTR (a family tradition apparently) rounded out the trip.

On our last night at the Cricket Club in Bengaluru with Vathsa, et al

Sprinkled with bits of shopping (4 or 5 shirts and counting) in 4th block, 9th block, Mahatma Ghandi (MG) Road, and Brigade Road, Bangalore is a bustling city perfect for young and old alike. The weather is phenomenal right now but the traffic stinks.

Uncle's side of the family (mostly all of them)

Some of Auntie's side (Her brother Raja Uncle and his family)

There are rich and there are poor. Developed and developing. Here we checked out the Shastry School for the Deaf and Dumb. As promised on our honeyfood, part of our donation went to this school. They house 35 of their 130 students who cannot hear or speak. They provide education, supplies, clothing, hearing aids, and food free of charge to the kids and their families. In fact, Asha Seattle and Arizona have supported them for 10 years now. One of Srin's uncles set us up to talk to them and we are honored to help them out. Let's hope for some change in this world.

Here are some shots of South India that intrigued me...

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