Friday, February 11, 2011

Istanbul it is...

Yesterday, we pre-booked flights from Nairobi to Istanbul and then Istanbul to DC (both direct flights!) on Turkish Airlines.  Get this-we have seven days to review (the price is locked in now) and then can book it with our credit card.  AND we can cancel any time before the flight for NO FEE!  And we will break even on the cost so it doesn't cost us any more to make this detour around Cairo.

So do not fear family and friends...we will not walk like Egyptians this year (though it is a HUGE disappointment).  But, Srin was convinced by my dire need to see Turkey when he found this ticket.  YAY!  So we will end this amazing journey with another unique location. 

1 comment:

  1. Istanbul is no Cairo, but you'll have so much fun. There's great recent history with the Ottoman empire. But it's still secular and (somewhat) cosmopolitan.