Monday, February 21, 2011

The Reason...

It is for these reasons that I came to India. Not solely, of course. But, certainly my best souvenirs.

Chagankaka, Dad (note the only smile in the pic), Mom, Dada's sister, Manjumahi, Dada, and Ba. And of course my HEMBEN!

Chagankaka and Dad (background)

Dad and Chagankaka

Kaki, Manjumahi, Hemben, DAXABEN!, Prabhaben, and Ba

Chagankaka, Hemben, Bhulamama, and Daxaben (going to America for the first time to be reunited with Mom and Dad and the newly born ME!)

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  1. wow did you take pictures of pictures? Whenever I try to do that they never come out this good.

  2. You need mad skillz bro. :)