Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Her Majesty...

Sagamartha-Goddess of the Sky.  Mount Everest in all her glory.  We maintained a journal that I will publish after this to anyone interested.  We had a most fabulous guide if you are also interested.  His rates are spectacular for what you get.  We had a most "out of our element" time, pushing ourselves in ways we had never done.  

 The Himalayas...My Nikon found its heaven.

Enjoying the view of Ama Dablam...

 Ahhh...Base Camp.  Finally.  We greet you.

 Look at that horrific weather...Most people go to Everest Base Camp in April and May when Expeditions (those crazy enough to climb the thing) set up camp.  But I chose not to...partially because of the timing of my travels.  But it all worked out because the trail was ours to enjoy almost entirely on our own.

The beauty herself.... (the back peak)...

Summitting  Kala Patthar. At 5545 meters (18,192 feet), it was our highest ascent.  It is the peak from which the view of Everest is most grand.  Everyone who does Base Camp also climbs Kala Patthar since you cannot see Everest from Base Camp itself due to its own geography.

 Hooray!  We are heading home!

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