Sunday, August 28, 2011

Take that, Irene...

All is well here. Irene visited in the middle if the night, waking even me up. Her winds were ferocious, but it was nothing like Allison of 2001 (a tropical storm at landfall that sent I-10 under water). Power is out and tree branches and debris cover streets but nothing like Ike of 2008. It's something indescribable to see your city beaten to a pulp. Thankfully I am not witnessing that as much as Houston, even two weeks after Ike.

In fact, I can hardly claim to be dealing with any after-effects. We are living in the attic of the most wonderful family's house. The Vignola's are like my parents' house. You can find everything here! So luckily the engineer professor had recently purchased a generator for his research equipment and voila! We have essential power. Internet for instance. Definitely essential.

So in this calm after the storm we are blogging, eating homemade brunch strata (thanks for the recipe, Reyes), and enjoying the end of our weekend. No complaints here.

P.S. P has power so all the Patels are good.

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Location:The District Area


  1. Post-hurricane strata. I like that. Glad you guys weathered the storm without incident.

  2. Relieved that all is well there!