Monday, April 2, 2012

And now I am FREAKING out...

So I am totally used to reading the most erratic blog post titles on The Bloggess's site... But I rarely get to do this.  The Bloggess is following ME on Twitter.  I mean she's following like 17,000 others but still.  She's being followed by a quarter million.  So really, I consider myself one of the few.  It's relative y'all. Einstein would agree.

I imagine it went something like this:

Beyond the Curls: Bloggess, you're my blogging hero.
Bloggess: Beyond the Curls, you're weirding me out.
Beyond the Curls: See-just like that. You can make me laugh with just one line.
Bloggess: I wonder what Victor would do.
Victor: You're not allowed to talk to people.  Remember?
Bloggess: You said I wasn't allowed to talk to people about music, Victor. And she's talking to me.
Beyond the Curls: And I have a red dress. Or better, a mouse in a red dress. Now will you follow me?
Bloggess: Victor.  She has Hamlet von Schnitzel. In a red dress.  I must follow her.
Beyond the Curls: And that's how it's done.
Victor: Did you really think it was Hamlet von Schnitzel in a red dress? 
Bloggess: She said a mouse in a red dress.  What other mouse would wear a red dress besides Hamlet von Schnitzel?
Victor: [Sigh]
Bloggess: Exactly.


  1. Thanks Jenny:) And now-here's to waiting for a pre-ordered book to arrive at my door. YAY!