Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Shy's changing and I find myself trying to keep up with his likes and dislikes.  His sleeping habits.  And whether "those" milestones have been met.  The magic other parents say happens at "exactly three months" has yet to grace my living room, but alas, I do still have patience…

My sweet cuddler seriously dislikes tummy time and bath time but loves a little bicycle leg, the corner of our living room, and S's Michigan flag.  Yes, you read that right.  The Michigan brainwashing has already begun.  And S wasn't even trying. Meanwhile, I keep forcing encouraging Shy to play with the multitude of toys accumulating in our house, and he continues to stare at the corner. It's therapeutic and that makes even me love his corner. We have no idea what is there, but we aren't stupid. That corner gets plenty of staring. We aren't afraid of the corner.  The corner has no idea how much we bow to its magical healing powers.  

As for me, I'm going bonkers with the stubborn seasons this year.  If only spring would follow the lead of winter and stay extra long.  A girl can hope, right? I keep dreaming of all the wonderful things we'll do - museums, walks, runs, shopping.  Just as soon as the snow disappears and the temperature tops 70.  And ooooh.  Maybe even sign up for a stroller-friendly race or two.  Gosh.  Writing it down makes me giddy with excitement.  And yearn for the sun to join us and bully winter to the other side of the world.  

I guess until the weather meets my strict requirements, I shall continue my online search party for cute little diapers to wrap around Shy's bum. YAY!

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