Monday, June 8, 2009

Dreams DO Come True...

So I did it! I actually was given my first real writing gig--whoo hoo!!! I will write articles that people actually's almost a little scary. I will write for online sites such as and (Lance's group...yeah, we're on a first name basis...okay not really...let me have my moment!). I applied to be the health/medical writer, but it looks like they have a large pool of titles for various articles they need written. Those of us in their group of freelance writers get to claim which articles we want to write. And, I get paid.
It's like my dreams just keep getting more and more real....
Except for the scary one I had last night. I hope.


  1. Did the dream you had last night involve HJ?

  2. RANDO! You read the blog:) One would think!

    We should catch up again!

  3. Hey! You are not on Facebook so how did you hear about this ol' blog?

  4. Casey mentioned it, so I decided I would check it out.... ;) Aren't you up a bit late.... 1:37AM?!?!

  5. How fun! Yeah, I had to work a late shift from 11PM-3AM. But it wasn't so bad. I am taking off Friday and Monday so I cannot complain:) Casey, by the way, is adorable! It's P's bday!