Sunday, June 28, 2009

Large, Small, Useful, Useless, Itty-Bitty-So-Cute-So-Small-Nothing-Fits...

Boxes. All kinds of boxes. I have a fetish for them. It's wholly eccentric. And, solely disturbing. To alleviate my worry of being stuck in a day of pure ennui, I woke up determined (as it has been on my To-Do list for 6 months) to go through my capaciously filled closet of boxes. I mean, I have boxes for my vacuum, drinking glasses, dishes, iron, ironing board, candle sets, candle holders, side tables, knives, blender, cell phones, old cell phones (old, unused, and broken), garden tools, and who knows what else. In "cleaning out the closet", I cajoled myself into keeping boxes for a gamut of reasons.

"Dish boxes are great for when I move"
-I just moved a year ago. Into a house. That I bought. Do I really plan to move THAT soon?

"Home Depot may let me return my weed eater if I have a box even if it is over 90 days old."
-This could not be more false. Plus, Home Depot doesn't even require boxes for returns.

"These boxes will be great when I have to mail something."
-I physically mail something once a year, on May 2nd-ish for my niece's birthday. That is it. Seriously. And, I never remember to check my closet of boxes. I end up buying a box at the post office for it's oh-so-convenient factor.

"This box is so small and compact."
-I don't even know how to defend this one. But, I did save it for this reason.

"If I organize the boxes, I won't feel all discombobulated and need to clean."
-It's true. I thrive on organization. And cleaning. Oh and eating too.

I feel like the consummate box-keeper. Dr. Consummate Box-Keeper. It has a ring to it.

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  1. You forgot..."this box is perfect for organizing all of the other boxes" reason. Seriously, we are pretty much the same person. :) I've been meaning to comment on your blog and this entry made me's perfect!