Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Mamta and Pritty Show...

Anyone who knows me understands that family is my life. Most people could never live with their parents again, but we fight over ours. I want my children to live with their grandparents. Not next door or down the street from them. With them. I lived with mine, and I was most fortunate to have had that opportunity. I cannot even articulate how I miss those days. Even though all my grandmother cared to know was whether I ate while away at college! No wonder I love food so much; it's in my genes.

The most fun I ever have is with my siblings. But, if I described those experiences, you wouldn't think they were fun. It's unfathomable, really. We laugh, a lot. We argue, A LOT. We eat, sleep, and play stupid games. It is undoubtedly these memories that define friendship for me. Friendship and Family. I am blessed that the two coincide for me.

Few would argue with me when I say that my little sister, P, and I are inseparable. Distance has separated us before, such as when I accepted a position at NASA. But, essentially, we are inseparable. Honest. She is my best friend and biggest supporter. But, she is also the person with whom I argue the most. Correction-she argues with me. Let's not be mistaken now. More than Srin. Seriously. It's actually quite pitiful now that I have put it in writing. Some might call it bickering. We call it "talking", I'm jus' sayin'. Some friends tune it out (Tress), some yell at us to stop (Amee), some are amused (Rando, Drea, Hemben), some are annoyed (Amee, Daxaben), and some plow right through as if the arguing never commenced (Ames).

What shocks us is the number of friends who have proposed that a reality TV show star us in our everyday bickering life story. P and I laugh in public about this notion and in private we wonder, "WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD WATCH THIS SHOW!?!??!?!" Yet, friends, SANE friends, propose that it would entertain them. So, friends, explain away. Why would you watch the Mamta and Pritty show?


  1. unfortunately, the facts are mostly straight (except for the 'she argues with me' comment--ha! who do you think you're kidding? we're both to blame). anyway, don't worry m, we've beaten the long distance thing a few times already (when you moved to college station, when you moved to atl)...we'll do it again! ps. quit moving.

  2. The show would be a little dated now - the new TV watching generation wouldn't understand bickering about the number of episodes where Monica wears a fat suit or Ross sports a mustache or...

  3. True story Denniston. Can't argue there. We do still quote the greatest show on TV. And no not the other show about nothing...

  4. Helllooo P...move to Htown. C'mon. I have a room all ready for you to decorate. Mmm...how about bacon all day long...mmm bacon just for you....come and get it...(some may think it sounds like I am talking to a dog but trust me, if anything will get P here, it's bacon)