Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Poor dog...Or is it poor us...

So this is our last Christmas with my brother's dog, Dax.  It's almost surprising that two years later I am sad to see him go.  You see, this dog started out as a terrorizing puppy.  Much like a child in his terrible-two's.  I cannot even begin to tell you the number of phone calls P and I got starting out as a conversation between brother and sisters and evolving into sisters-listening-to-brother-yelling-helplessly-at-crazy-puppy calls.  When he got the puppy at six weeks old from someone who said he was too much for her to take care of, we told him: "Give him back!  In two weeks, you will be attached and then you're done for.".  Of course, he didn't listen and two weeks later, crazy puppy was in fact still crazy and had suckered in our 200 lb, 6 ft brother. 

In the weeks, months, and years following, we witnessed the dog snicker at my mom (yes, snicker...), command Bhik as his (and only his) owner, try to overtake the house from our other dog Shorty, poo in the house because "he smelled Shorty's poop", pee when he felt like it (in the house), ignore the command "stay", run around like he was being chased (in the house), climb on the furniture, and well, act like a puppy (all up in the house).  P and I laughed at the sly comments our dad would make to my brother about Animal Planet's "teach your dog to obey" shows.  I even attended puppy school with my brother, where we were, ahem, mistakenly assumed to be husband-wife.  The question was posed:  "What do you like the most and the least about your dog?" and it took all I had in me to answer the question rather than spit out, "He's my brother!!! Don't we look related!??!?!"  But, I guess all Indians do look married...Riiiight. 

No, she doesn't want to play, Dax.  She's older and perfectly content sitting by the heater. 
(not taken with the D40...just sayin')

Perhaps the funniest moments were when Dax and his Daxaphoy (obvious namesake) had to interact.  D is our older sister who, let's see, how can I put it...didn't like him much.  Yes, I know Bhik, he can hear me. In fact, when Bhik got Dax, I think D grew fonder of Shorty.  But, in the end, Dax won us over.  He grew up to be a fantastic dog.   He only barks when necessary (at strangers), doesn't pander for food (usually), is nicer to mom, actually stays when you say "stay", limits the crazy being-chased-runs, cuddles when it's cold (or not), doesn't lick (too much), and finally is house-trained and rarely (if ever) has an accident in the house.  It's like divine intervention took over.  Although, he remains attached to my brother and hates being left alone.  He has to be near someone (and by near, I mean in your lap) at all times.  But, in all honesty, who can resist this face?  Except you, D. 

Not really sure why I like close-ups.  But I do.  Can that be a photographer's style?!?!?!?

But, sadly, as fantastic of a dog as he has become, we must say goodbye after this Christmas.  My brother got a job that requires travel at a moment's notice, and he feels bad leaving Dax alone.  Not to mention the doggie daycare costs.  You see, Bhik cares for Dax like a child (like pet insurance you know...because Dachsunds have back issues later in life...yeah, we hear you puppy-dad).  He is on a better diet than his owner, and you'll be reprimanded if you try to feed him table scraps.  Only the best for Dax....

Although Bhik struggled with the decision to give him away a few times over the course of the last couple of years, he never could.  "It's like he knows.  He's so sad."  And, my poor brother just couldn't bring himself to do it.  He came quite close one time, and I am certain P nearly cried, pleading that Bhik would regret the decision.  After a strick talking-to from D, P didn't relent and Bhik kept Dax.   

But, now, after what I am sure was an arduous decision to finally give him away to the owners of the daycare center, Bhik decided to take him home for the holidays one more time.  And, I decided to blind him by taking non-stop pictures with my new D40.  Poor little guy.  You're gonna be missed Dax.


  1. Who's going to get the doggie??? B/C i know a really really nice family in CO who just lost their beloved dog, and the mama is already wishing for a new friend...

  2. Oh Tamara. That was soooo sad. Are you still in town? Do you have time on Monday? When do you leave? Dax has a prospective owner but you would have been a great new owner. But he is a handful. With Ali, I would worry you would hate Dax:) I cannot wait to meet her. Love you!