Monday, February 22, 2010

Simplicity is born...

It's a work in progress still...but here I go!

Many upgrades coming such as more galleries, a real domain, and who knows what else my "right side" dreams up!

My good friend, Karen, and I are going photo-shooting and I am SUPER pumped about it.


  1. What a great site! I LOVE it! You're awesome! Good luck!

    I've been working on a similar thing, but I want to assemble a wider variety of galleries before I go live. So far, all I have are babies. I want to do some families and some engagement/weddings to see how that goes before I actually start charging people...

  2. YAY! I was hoping you were doing that. I have told Srin this multiple times. Yup, I am definitely NOT charging folks yet. I have much longer to go before you! I have lined up my friends for the next month or so to do free photo shoots. Maybe I can post them and have you critique them. I am ordering a new lens too! I cannot wait:) I am not publicizing my website yet (I am going to upgrade it and purchase Google words when I get serious) other than to my blog. My goal is to do about six months of free shoots. Get a good critique. and then 6 more months of free shoots. Then charge:) What is your business plan?

  3. My plan is probably years or so down the line. I'm just thinking about what I can do to occupy my time when Juni starts going to school and whatnot, so I've been researching options. I have a few other ideas floating around as well... we'll see.

    I love looking at all your photos! While you're thinking about equipment for your venture, might I recommend a Nikon Speedlight. I love mine! Truly, a hot-shoe flash makes a world of difference over the on-board pop-up flash. Say no to pop-up flash!

  4. Funny you mention...I told my friends who are so graciously posing for my so-so eye that I am starting now for a business I hope I can do when I stay at home, if in fact, I do stay at home. Srin and I have talked about this (already!!) so it is possible and Lord knows that would be more fun that what I do now (not that NASA isn't cool...!). You can use our wedding as a start if you want. We would love your pics and you can put it in your portfolio. Of course we will have a pro there so as long as you stay out of his way, which you would, then I would say go for it! I will have to look up the speedlight! I just have my old flash that I had from years (and years!) ago. It works on the D40 but I rarely know how to use a flash appropriately. I hope the nighttime class I am taking will teach me. Yes, NO to pop up! I always shoot on manual or no flash-auto.

  5. I would love to shoot your wedding, if it wouldn't be too inconvenient! I would stay out of the real photographer's way, of course. That would be so much fun!

    The speedlight I have is an SB-600. It's great and fully swivels so you can bounce the light off the ceiling or wall behind you.

    You're taking a nighttime class too? Awesome!

  6. Then you are hired. I was going to ask someone to do the days prior and pay them a small fee but if you want to do them, then you can and you would be the only photographer. And yes to the wedding--I totally trust you and want you to be able to put it in your portfolio because Srin and I both think you are so talented. Any idea if you and CHarlie would come for the days prior? There are poojas on Thursday and Friday beforehand and then on Saturday with the morning pooja and then the wedding. We are going to tell the guests that they do NOT have to come to everything...but can come to what they want. So if you don't want to sign on for all of those events, I can still have my friend of a friend do the thurs and fri and you can just join her! She's not pro--she's like you--just starting out and really really good.

    what a cool gadget..I must get one.

    Yup...downtown at night is the class name:) yay! i will post my pics, good or bad. okay maybe only if good. can i take good pics at night with the D40 with either the lens I got or the kit lens if on a tripod??? wide angle lens are really expensive. i did purchase a telephoto lens that Ken Rockwell recommended (cheap but surprisingly good) but that lens is not meant for low light or direct nighttime...I will post it here in a second.

  7. Awesome! I can't wait! Charlie probably won't be able to come on Thursday and Friday because he'll be teaching, but I should be able to make it. And I would definitely shoot all the days, if I can... I can join along with your friend of a friend. When it comes to photos, the more coverage the better, as far as I'm concerned.

    Your 50mm lens can definitely take low light photos with the aperture wide open (you may also have to increase the ISO, depending on how dark it is). And any lens will work with a tripod. Sounds like a great class!