Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Five quick takes in my life...

I'm stealing an idea I saw on my childhood best friend's (Tamara) blog, which I stalk, of course.  She does real quick updates in life when she doesn't have time for a long blog entry.  So here's mine!

Who can plan a wedding when there's a honeymoon?
I am having so much trouble concentrating on wedding planning because I am just way too excited about turning Srin's six weeks of leave into an unforgettable around the world trip.  It's so much fun to imagine circling the globe, volunteering at local charities, and indulging in the flavors of each continent.  Gosh-what's a bride to do? 

Guess what's my latest hobby?
I really wish I were more talented.  I have way too many interests for things at which I am just not very natural.  But, I enjoy them oh-so-very-much.  The latest?  Good question.  Sewing.  Though, you will all be happy to hear that someone contacted me via my website to tell me she thought I had natural photography talent:)  So, I am taking pics of her new baby son, Jatin.  YAY!  Anyone good at guitar or know someone is?  I have one and no talent.  I could use lessons.

Who's moving where?
Oh the loaded question.  It seems that everyone in Houston thinks they know I am leaving.  "Knowing" is a funny state of being.  "Assuming" might be more accurate.  Not sure where people get to making assumptions.  Must I remind everyone what assuming does to all of us?  If I knew who was moving where, I would tell the world.  Trust me.  No one wants to know more about Srin's and my future than us.  We are both looking in each other's city and hoping that he can find a professor position in a place where I can maintain my fabulously-secure government job.  There are only a few places that warrant such positions.  So don't fret, Houstonians.  When I know where we will be, rest assured there will be a post!

For a girl who doesn't watch much TV...
I sure have become obsessed with Law and Order: SVU.  I blame my brother.  And, therefore, less obsessed with my books.  I have got to turn it around.  Latest read?  An older book by Kiran Desai called Inheritance of Loss (Man Booker Prize of 2006).

My job is cool...
I just got finished my latest flight, STS 131-19A.  I worked for a position with call sign AVENGER, which is in charge of all that snazzy video you see on NASA TV.  Don't lie. You know you watch it.  :)  Next up?  STS 134-ULF6 where I have been training the astronauts assigned to the flight. 


  1. Wait, you guys are moving to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, right? Come on, it's all part of my plan.

    I've been sewing up a bunch of things lately as well (for the kid and baby). Unfortunately, I am always seduced by pricey, beautifully designed fabrics. It would be cheaper for me to go to Pottery Barn Kids or Baby Gap and be done with it. Are you going to share your little projects with us?

  2. Yes, but of course! How else am I supposed to write, sew, take pictures, read, etc? By myself?!?!??!? :) I wish I could sew well enough to even utter those words. My poor babies. I certainly will share. I have made one lopsided red pillow:)

  3. Finally, i have proof that you, 'Miss (or should i say soon-to-be-Mrs) Self-proclaimed Grammar Queen, also make tiny grammar errors in your everyday life:

    2nd sentence "real quick" should be really quick.

    See, we all do it! So quit spell/grammar checking my emails!! :)

  4. Issues Patel. Reference the about me section though.