Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My day...

Sometimes I wonder what makes me so happy.  I mean if anyone else had my day, I am pretty sure there would have been some complaining and perhaps some pouting.  Don't get me wrong.  I pout.  And whine.  But, I amaze myself with composure when I least expect it. 

Let's start with my morning.  Well, actually, we will have to step back to 2007 for that one.  You see, that's when I decided to go long distance with my now betrothed.  Needless for me to say, it worked out for us.  However, despite my self-promises, I find myself fiance-less each and every night, minus the occasional weekend.  Thanks to my positive attitude and true belief he is the "one", long distance has not been a terrible experience.  Certainly not what friends proclaimed it would be in 2007.  But, I am pretty much done with it three years later.  For real.  I would say all I have is two-ish months left as we get married in September, but my easy-going self somehow decided that we were a strong couple and could withstand a few months of long distance marriage to preserve a job obligation.  That all leads to my morning.  Srin and I visited his parents, which turned out to be a fantastic holiday weekend. So relaxed and don't get me started on the food.  And on this particular morning, we did our ritual of goodbyes.  This was the last time we would see each other before our big day.  Man!

But the day that is the topic of today's blog actually commences before our goodbye.  Thanks to my overzealous, type-ity fingers, I had to get up at some awful hour to make a 7:30 AM flight.  Srin peeked in my room at 5:45 with words that we were running late and I needed to get up.  After a bit of innocent "cursing", an extra two minutes, and a ton of will power, I forced myself up.  With this whole distance thing, I have travelling down.  I follow a ritual--get up, eyedrops in eyes, squeeze shut the pain of red eyes, make bed, put on clothes, grab cell phone and shut off its horrid alarm, put phone in pocket, wrap charger up and put in bag, brush teeth, and put retainers/toothbrush in bag.  Use restroom, wash hands, grab bag, and I am out the door.  Today, we'll go back to "use restroom".  When I finally changed clothes, I distinctly remember thinking "Should I bend down and put the phone in my bag or just put it in my pocket?  Oooh sore from P-90X.  Back pocket it is." After sleep walking to the restroom, I did my fresh breath thing and went to empty my extremely full bladder.  Button, zipper, pull down and PLOP!  No not number 2-GROSS!  Instead, I turned around and saw that my Palm Centro had conveniently slipped out of my back pocket and into the... Must I tell you?  Apparently, at 6AM, I am neither anal-rententive nor germaphobic.  Interesting since I am both of those for 23 hours and 59 minutes of the rest of the day.  I grabbed the phone (my hand went in the nastiness that is...bleh!) with a barely audible grunt and...well...unpaused the wait I coerced my bladder into while I mentally waded in the atrocity that was. 

So now, I am phone-free (ah liberation.  Okay not really.  I cannot plan a wedding without a PHONE!), Skype-full, and still laughing about it all.  And to top it all off, I had to say goodbye to my man.  The day continued but really, it wasn't so bad.  It just all led back to the toilet Centro.


  1. hear, hear to being done with long distance! those mornings are the worst. and for the record you are definitely a different person in your sleep--daring enough to punch me in the face for trying to wake you (just one example).

  2. we're well acquainted, thank you.

  3. So when is the happy couple (and I am referring to you & P) moving back to the same city?

  4. i think we're both counting down the days :)