Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One would think...

that I would be used to this whole moving thing. After all, I seek stability and find mobility. In a moment I thought would be delayed by at least 20 years, I left JSC today. And, I finished the week off with my closest friends. And it wasn't really goodbyes. Everywhere I left friends or colleagues, I left among guffaws of laughter. Tears were minimal and emotions suppressed, and that made me realize just how lucky I am. I try to surround myself with friends who make me a better person-who keep me lighthearted-who are trustworthy. I could not have asked for a better way to exit the Cube of All Cubes. Toni, Cerise, our exotic visitors :), and laughter. Just the way I will always remember C&T and CATO. Gosh. Houston has been a tough return for me. I can't really explain here, but life didn't return as I had left it. Friends who I have known for decade+ remained my friends but just were not the same. Yet, I found myself surrounded by these new people, my three fellow bowlers with whom my previous interactions were minimal. You see-I don't generally make friends with anyone at work-something my sister, Hemben, taught me. Conflicts of interest, if you will. Though, Four Balls was something else. An exception of sorts. From night one, we hit it off. I had not had so much fun since returning to Htown. I knew instantly that I had found the type of personalities that I admired and respected. Then came significant others, food, and the addition of close friends in Brini and Gil. Pot luck nights have never been the same. Dan, Karen, Jats, Pooj, Purav, Adam, and Brini-Thanks for a fantastic night of fun, laughter, food, and joy. Marc and Laurie-thanks for the chat by the fire and the many dinners. Tonight, I leave Houston in peace, knowing that our friendships will grow stronger.

Onward and upward...my husband and I leave for our around the world expedition in T-8 days and counting. Forecast: 100% chance of takeoff.

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