Sunday, March 6, 2011

EBC Trek Day 10...

Today, after 9 days of hiking 90km in distance and 3km in altitude, we began our descent down the Himalayas. Though, of course, we had to go uphill just to go down. So ludicrous. It was a pretty easy day, though, as the entire path after lunch was straight-a-way through a valley. We stayed in the fanciest place thus far, which was the Himalayan Lodge. The best part? No yak dung warmth and my appetite was back! What is yak dung warmth, you ask? Well, let me indulge. Yaks are mountainous animals much like mules in that they transport goods up and down the villages. Yak dung should be obvious. Now the warmth. Many of the village lodges have a furnace, for which I am thankful. However, as you get above the tree line, they use dung to burn for warmth. Now, I will say it is very efficient, using every bit of the yak for versatile needs. But, the smell, as I am sure you can imagine, is by far not worth it. Though, I am guilty for sitting near the furnace for the warmth. But if I cannot complain on my blog, where can I complain?

Our daily stats:
Start Location: Gorak Shep
Time Started: 8:15 AM
Altitude: 5140m

Destination: Pheriche
Time Reached: 3:15 AM
Final Altitude: 4200m

Total Distance: 24km

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