Monday, March 7, 2011

EBC Trek Day 11...

Day 2 of our descent. Today was more challenging and certainly longer. The trek was a combination of up and down and the toes were a bit in pain by the end. All I could think was how I had to get to Namche because then I could buy a hair brush. Why, you ask? Because I was stupid enough to travel without one. And imagine not washing curly hair for two weeks. Suffice it to say that I may have ruined my hair. Of course, I had found a brush on the way in Pangboche for 40 Rs. SO CHEAP! But of course, I tried to catch up with Srin to get the money and no amount of yelling or running led me to him fast enough. I wished I had turned around though once I got to him because all hair brushes were 10 times more expensive in Namche. So I passed. Maybe I will get rid of the knapsack in Lukla tomorrow.

Our daily stats:
Start Location: Pheriche
Time Started: 8:15 AM
Altitude: 4200m

Destination: Namche Bazar
Time Reached: 5:45 PM
Final Altitude: 3440m

Total Distance: 28km

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