Tuesday, March 8, 2011

EBC Trek Day 12...

Our last day of trekking. I couldn't go very fast due to the pain in my toes. That is-until I changed into my guide's Teva's. Thank god for them. Starting off, my energy was high, but, unfortunately, my spirit was broken sometime in the morning. So I won't talk much today.

We entered the Lukla gates at 5PM, though it was not as life changing as I envisioned for 12 days. The entire trek was different than I imagined. In some ways good and other ways not so much. I trekked most of the days on my own, and for the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed the alone time with the Himalayas. But on this day, I really missed P. I knew that if she were here, she would have trekked right by my side, commiserating my toe pain and commending my ability to trek right through it. Just like in graduate school, even though those hikes were incomparable. But still. The principle remains. I really missed her today. Hi P:)

That's really it for today. Except to tell you that our dinner was amazing. We ate fresh veggies for the first time in weeks and the Nepalese bhaijya were fantastic.

Our daily stats:
Start Location: Namche Bazar
Time Started: 9:00 AM
Altitude: 3440m

Destination: Lukla
Time Reached: 5:24 PM
Final Altitude: 2860m

Total Distance: 24km

TOTAL ALTITUDE: 3KM up and back down

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Location:Lukla, Nepal

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