Wednesday, March 9, 2011

EBC Trek Day 13...

We have been awake since 5:30AM today and at the airport since 6:30AM. The system is hilarious. Everyone stares out the window to see if the clouds have dispersed. Sooner or later, someone gets word that the airport is open and we should head there. Doesn't matter if our flight is at 7:00AM. We don't budge til someone tells us to!

Of course, we are still waiting as it seems the Kathmandu airport may be closed. We just met up with one of our trekking buddies who said he has tried to get out of Lukla for two days now. Lord help me if that happens to us. Not because of the cost of delaying our international flight but because I want a shower. Now. Badly. I had an awful dream about underarm hair. It was so weird. I know-too much. Well, it's my blog.

Update 1:
Flights have departed Kathmandu. HOORAY! 25 minutes until a landing. Cross your fingers!

Update 2:
Plane took off!

Update 3:
Planes turned around.

Update 4:
Stuck here. Winds awful.

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