Tuesday, March 1, 2011

EBC Trek Day 5...

Ahhh, I actually warmed up overnight and awoke refreshed. Well, as refreshing as -18 deg C can allow. We started earlier (well, we attempted) because Govinda had said the first hour was quite icy and slippery. He reasoned that if we started earlier, then it would not be as treacherous. I thought the man was nuts since earlier meant colder to my feeble mind. Then, I started trekking and realized what his experience had already told him. When the sun melts the ice, it gets wet and much more slippery than when frozen. And the frozen mud allowed for a much easier trek than I had anticipated. I couldn't believe that I, Mamta-the-Texas-snot, was trekking in below freezing weather and feeling just perfectly fine. It was a grand moment for me.

The trek was relatively easy only because we took it SLOW, up the gradually inclining routes. We made it to above 4000m which coincides with the tree line. We were officially in that part of the mountains that looks so daunting from a far. Who would think it would be possible to point to the snow-covered mountain face and think it possible that one could trek there. The weather was phenomenal and the sky so open and blue. I cannot wait to share pictures with you.

We arrived in Dingboche and retreated to our room for a bit of rest. I had my first slight headache so acclimating was very important. Govinda's advice of Snickers and water did the trick, and I feel much better as I write this. Tomorrow is another acclimation day here in Dingboche.

That's it for tonight so I will see you tomorrow as we trek to a ridiculously high "hill" nearby. It better be worth it as I still firmly believe climbing is not worth it if not towards your destination.

Our daily stats:
Start Location: Tengboche
Time Started: 8:15 AM
Altitude: 3900m

Destination: Dingboche
Time Reached: 3:30 PM
Final Altitude: 4410m

Total Distance: 18km

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