Wednesday, March 2, 2011

EBC Trek Day 6...

Boy-today was tough! We did the whole 'climb high, sleep low' climb today, and climb high we did! The path was straight up and back down, and if it were not for my "slow and steady wins the race" attitude, I may have died right then and there. Okay okay. That is a bit dramatic. But it was difficult, and certainly it is the highest Srin or I have ever climbed (~16,500 ft). And it was all in preparation for our bodies as we continue trekking up.

The weather was quite cloudy, making us wonder what our chances were of seeing Everest in a few days. Guess only time will tell. We ended the night by noticing the stars. I mean-you could not imagine the clarity with which we could see what seemed like every star in the universe. We couldn't believe we had not noticed it until tonight.

Tomorrow is Lobouche at 4900m.

Our daily stats:
Start Location: Dingboche
Time Started: 8:30 AM
Altitude: 4410

Destination: Nakharjum
Time Reached: 11:45 AM
Final Altitude: 5000m

Time Back to Dingboche: 2:00 PM

Total Distance: 1km each way

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