Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank you...

to the many friends and family who made this journey around the world possible.

This last post on Turkey is long overdue, but forgive me. Internet was scarce after India, and Srin and I remain homeless and hunting in The District since settling back in the US of A.  I have found little time to muster up the energy to keep up with my blogging, but never fear-I vow to resume releasing the jumble of thoughts into verbose literary prose from this moment forward. I mean, a girl's gotta have priorities.

I hope you enjoyed following us around the world. It was great knowing so many of you read about it and checked in on us and our safety. We are wholly indebted to our friends and families for making this trip possible for us.

Thank you to our parents for the love and support of raising us to enjoy the company of those different from us. It was invaluable on a trip like this and certainly the inspiration to embark on such a journey.

Thank you to my parents for giving us the gift of a beautiful wedding. Your money was well spent-it was exactly as I imagined. Thank you to my in-laws for the generous honeymoon gift, which provided us with irreplaceable memories. To Bhik, D, and P-thank you for making sure my house was taken care of. You have no idea how much that meant to me.  In particular, thank you to Bhik, who took an entire day off of work to drive to Houston just to be sure closing went without a hitch. Of family, it is often expected - such acts of generosity.  But of friends, it is not always certain.  Thank you to Laurie, Brini, and everyone who assisted them in making sure my stuff was moved into storage before my house sale closed.  To our many friends and families who gave extremely generous wedding gifts, thank you.  These opportunities, memories, and pictures are because of you.  Lastly, thank you to our colleagues for allowing us to leave for three months and more importantly to come back to a secure job.


  1. I didn't do anything, but I'll say you're welcome on everyone else's behalf!

  2. Helllo! My honeymoon gift! And helping decorate! And all the songs! So much lil bro!