Monday, May 16, 2011


My crew finally made it up!  STS-134/ULF6 launched this morning, with her crew in tow.  Aboard the last mission for Endeavor...  She's a special bird, having replaced Challenger after her own demise.  All of this reminds of being a little girl, memorizing Shuttle dimensions and random facts in hopes that I would one day be...

A super cool pic snapped by someone as she sat on her plane this morning...

My crew, with Mark Kelly (Front, Right) who is commander and dealt with the incomprehensible and salacious act of heinous anger when his wife, Representative Gabby Giffords, and other civilians were attacked in Tuscon.  Behind him is Mike Fincke, who married an Indian girl from Assam.  We happened to be married by the same Gujarati priest!

My team just as they were about 75% of the way done with training. 


  1. Awesome! And you're pretty badass, my dear.

  2. I forget there's no "Like" button on Blogger, but you get 2 thumbs up from me. It's so groovy you had the chance to train such awe-inspiring individuals!

  3. Thanks ladies! I have been working the mission (a surprise request from NASA) so I haven't gotten the chance to check my blog until now-we are almost all finished with it!

    Catherine-my friend, I cannot wait to see you in a few weeks. Gosh, the anticipation.