Monday, July 18, 2011

Fresh and Fun...

I think one of my favorite things about being married is having someone for whom to cook (and with whom!).  Someone to share in the joy of fresh squash.  The greenest beans.  The juiciest lemons.  And all things yummy.  Of course, when you are the chef, you get to call the shots.  So mushrooms have immersed themselves in our eating routine in ways my mushroom-averse husband wished impossible.  Who doesn't like mushrooms?  I think it may be a sin.  They're so savory and when given the time to brown up in an olive oil-wine-butter sautee... My mouth is watering.  I digress.  My post is not about mushrooms at all, though now I wish it were.  It's about the summer.  And the farmer's market.  And D.C.  The outdoors.  Cooking.  Eating.  And enjoying life with your husband and the sun's warmth.

It's amazing the ways in which you turn into your parents.  I am generally too lazy efficient to buy the green beans I have to prepare (or other preparation-requiring vegetables like spinach) when I can just buy the pre-washed, largely over-priced versions at my local market.  But, my parents.  Well, they're a different story.  My dad is the man when it comes to prep work.  And my mom is the chef of choice, not just by my account but that of numerous villages in India once upon a time.  I tell them that they were "green" before being green was cool.  Reusing ziploc bags and never using paper towels, to give you an idea.  They would never dare buy the packaged (thrice-washed, thank-you-very-much) spinach when for a dollar they could buy the bunch themselves.  I can picture my dad studiously washing away, ensuring no dirt or rocks infiltrated our spinach saac/sabji.  Or patiently finger-picking the ends off of green beans and diligently slicing them in thirds.  So when I saw these green beans, my assumed "efficiency" walked right out the door and the au natural Mamta took over.  I seized as many of these gorgeous, perfectly crisp beans as I could and racked my brain for creative recipes.  I settled on sundried tomatoes and olive oil.  Something simple and fresh. 

It's been a good week for me.  I surprised Srin with a kayaking on the Potomac amongst nature-monuments-and serene plane noise and just found out one of my closest friends is pregnant.  I've been taking time to grab the Nikon more, and I never fail to cook a meal that soothes my taste buds.  It's like I am recovering from my blah moment. 


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