Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome to the real world...

Imagine this.  Marital bliss.  The party in your honor ended, leaving a lasting image of smiles and laughter.  You stumble to your room, hand-in-hand with the man you just committed your life to.  You wake up excitedly ready for the honeymoon.  Ah-the honeymoon.  The Amalfi coast.  Sorrento.  Fresh mozzerella and delectable basil.  On-the-vine tomatoes.  Mt Vesuvius and Pompeii.  Ten days of ... gosh... how do you describe it... elation.  That's it. 

The ten hour journey back reminds you that the "honeymoon" may be over but there is so much to look forward to.  D.C.  A new job.  A real paycheck.  The wedding gifts!  For now, you'll take some sleep as jet lag washes over you.

You arrive back home and wait as your husband parks the car.  As you stare at the door of your apartment, boredom causes the thought to float your mind:  I wonder if my door is unlocked.  You have no reason to suspect so, but boredom has a way of spurring imagination.  You cave to your curiosity and touch the handle.  Hmm...It is unlocked.  Could it be? 

You wait for your knight in shining armour, and when he arrives you both try the door again.  A sneak peek in reveals a thundering thought.  Our TV is gone.  Are my eyes playing tricks on me?  The TV is actually gone. 

Exit complex.  Call 911.  You just got robbed.  Welcome to the real world.  The honeymoon is over.

And now you know what it is like to be my baby sister. 


  1. eerily pretty accurate!

  2. Scary huh? More so than the actual robbing...

  3. anonymous = boy or d. i say boy as d is too busy to read/post.

  4. never mind anonymous = m, right? boy would never post any way.

  5. Wow...that took you too long. 3 minutes too long. I was talking about how me describing your robbery was too accurage-that's scary!