Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Five Quick Takes...

Truth be told-the reason I haven't written anything is because I lack material on which to entertain my loyal readers.  Except the loyal ones will read anything I write because you are you.  And that is why I love you. 

That said, while I feel as though I have no material on which to write, there is quite a lot going on these days.  So here's a quick take on life.

1.  We have a closing date! We started our venture to buy a short sale in early May and the saga is destined to end in just over a week.  November 11,  2011.  That's right:  11-11-11 at 11AM.  That must be good luck.  Dear Mega Millions:  Prepare to be owned.  Love, The Nagarajas.

2.  I love my weekends.  Srin and I head over to my sister's (P) apartment.  And the four of us hang out and we spend the night.  It's been the best thing about D.C. We laugh, make fun of each other (well, they make fun and I laugh), eat, shop, and watch football.  What more could a girl want?

3.  I have always said that Srin's ability to keep up with old friends is enviable.  And I truly mean it.  And alas, I am super excited about our weekend which starts tomorrow night.  We are road trip'n to Asheville, North Carolina to meet up with the infamous Corner.  The Corner consists of Duvall, Srin, Reyes, and 'Gela-four crazy friends who inevitably create laughter and trouble wherever they go.  This time, though, the reunion is of not only the Corner but also the loved ones they have evolved to include.  Kids and significant others.  Lots of food.  And lots of memories are awaitin'

4.  Good friends all around are pregnant and having cute little babies.  Brini just had her sweet baby boy this week, Laurie is the cutest and skinniest pregnant lady ever, Tress is probably the happiest (though I need to call her!), and my own sister, D, is due soon for her own baby girl.  Phew.  That's a lot of babies to share my love.

5.  It's cold and I miss my warm beautiful long Fall's.  Sure the foliage is prettier here but the weather has been horrid (okay not horrid but it is cold).  However, this week has been the best Fall surprise.  I see yellows and reds and oranges whilst running in the most beautiful sunny but crisp weather.  Dear Sagamartha:  You win.  I now can tolerate lower temperatures.  Thank you, M.

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