Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Territorial disputes...

Me:  S-there's a bug. 
Srin:  Okay.

A few minutes later:
Me:  Srin-there's a bug. 
Srin: Great.

A minute later and just before we turn out the lights for bed:
Me: Srin-there's a bug and I think it might get me when we turn out the lights. 
Srin: Get you?
Me: Yes. Get me.  Like there are no lights to hover around so my face looks better to the devilish bug who can see in the dark.
Srin: Sigh.

A few seconds after finding a magazine with which to protect me from the aforementioned bug:
[Looking at his enemy closely] Srin: Do you really want me to kill a ladybug?
Me: Yes.  ... Yes, yes I do.  Kill the ladybug. 
Srin: You want me to kill the ladybug?
Me: Look.  It's the one who encroached.  Her territory is outside and mine inside. It's very simple.

Must I explain that I don't like creepy crawly things?  I mean...I have a heart. Generally, I would not want that poor bug to die.  And if it had been day time and I hadn't been about to go to sleep in the dark, I would have kept her alive.  I think Elton said it best.  It's the circle of life.

PS-I cried for mercy during the final moments, if it makes you judge me less.


  1. i'm glad i'm not the only one who has a husband to protect me (sometimes exasperatedly) from creepy crawlies...

  2. Exactly. ...Exactly.

  3. based on your rationale, the ladybug (and all other outdoor creatures) would have every right to kill you the minute you step outside your own home (and encroach on its), right??