Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maybe Starbucks is THAT Powerful...

If I had only known when I was single and eager to mingle...

I'm at the Starbucks again and I ask a guy if anyone was sitting in the chair next to him.  It's my only choice with an outlet nearby.  He was on the phone and quickly gestured that no one was sitting there.  When I am all setup and ready to start work, I notice I forgot my phone.  Eh.  We have so much going on with the house that forgetting my phone is a pain.  Oh well.

Well, not more than two minutes later, the guy asks if I have "my phone".  Or something like that.  He's not a native Englisher speaker so I assumed that was what he asked me.  So my response was so obvious to me...I mean, how could he know?  He must be telepathic.  So I said "Oh...No. I don't have my phone."  He replied, "You don't have phone?"  (He's got his own in his hands with the keyboard slid out and ready to type, mind you.)

"Correct.  I don't have my phone."
"Oh.  Okay."

I look behind me and "my table" is open so I move over, whilst realizing this guy wanted my phone number...not my phone.  I should mention I haven't been wearing my wedding rings because I have been painting the house...

I am, officially, the coolest person.  Ever.  I'd hit on me. 

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