Monday, November 21, 2011

Well...That's Starbucks Drinkers for You...

I'm at the Starbucks near Srin's work, happily enjoying Christmas music and all sorts of season's tidings.  When all of a sudden, the sweet young girl across from me and I hear "I want manager.  Get me manager.  I want manager.", crescendoing in volume and decrescendoing in the articles. 

It's a Starbucks emergency.  Some poor and now distraught affluent lady probably got whip cream from a can instead of the cow in the back in her venti-fied grande chai peppermint latte on the rocks topped off with a bit of Grinch. 

Geez..  I mean...I think the poor Starbucks lady heard you the first time when you asked for the manager.  Give her a moment to finish making the other drink (for heaven forbid she have two Starbucks drinkers yelling at her). don't hear my sarcasm from across the store.  I wish you could because then maybe you would stop yelling.  Oh! It's so annoyingly loud.  And you sound psychotic since no one can hear the Starbucks lady.  Now I know what people in high school meant when they heard P and me argue. 

P.S. Yes, I agree with the Thanksgiving rule but do I really have power over Starbucks? Alas...I shall enjoy mistletoes and stockings and the smell of nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves...  I mean, technically, it is Thanksgiving week, right? 

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