Friday, June 22, 2012

Science Girl...

I am so frustrated with my fellow Americans today.  Could we BE more close-minded, easily offended, and a bit insecure?  Of course, I really love it when an editor at Nature huffs and puffs on TWITTER! C'mon. Maintain some dignity.  

Here's the background-the European Union released a video called Science: It's A Girl Thing, one of their ways to encourage more females to pursue STEM courses and eventually STEM degrees and thus STEM careers.  It's an issue here in the US of A, one I am spending my livelihood fighting.  A problem existent when I was 18 and one I thought surely would be gone by the time I hit 30.  

Now I don't know much about Europe (save for those Parisian crepes.... mouth. is. watering.) or their economy, but I do know they have always been way ahead of us in fashion and arts.  I found the video spunky, funky, and just plain cool.  It shows femininity meeting chemistry. It is attention-grabbing, a far outcry from the many PSAs I have endured over my young 32 years.  It's lively, colorful, and yes, Huffington Post, totally and completely in style.  It is set within an 80s theme because...newsflash...the 80s are back.  Been back.  In full force, much to my horror initially and my reluctant acceptance recently.  The video is so with the times that I am sure if we asked girls to see it without any adult input, the vast majority of them would 1) actually watch it and 2) like it.  

I have no doubt the Twittersphere and Blogosphere and, sadly, traditional media too are freaking out simply because adults are writing the reviews.  I have no doubt my niece would say "That's a cool video Mamtamasi. Now can you tell me more about Mars and when I can see it in the sky?".  A simple reaction and a new subject.  That's how kids are, y'all.  We are the ones who blow things out of proportion. That said, I will admit I can see where some may find controversy. Yes, there are many women who don't like pink and plenty who find it offensive to show pretty girls strutting in dresses and heels, laughing whimsically.  But, you have to admit that these are things that remind many of what it is to be a woman, to be feminine.  And to me, they are equaling it with also being a scientist.  And for goodness sake, being really, really smart. But, I shall let you decide.

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